Calico Corners

CalicoLu's Alabama - Pictures of the beautiful state of Alabama
CalicoLu's Alaska - The Land of the Midnight Sun....a place of rare beauty, still rugged and wild. Pictures, sample artwork by Alaskan artist, Cynthia Pendleton, short story by future published author, Amy Haunold.
CalicoLu's Canadian Connections - I have dedicated this page to my Canadian heritage and the friends I have made across the border. Here you can find some family history regarding my great-grandmother.
CalicoLu's Disney Adventure - I've *always* wanted to go, ever since it opened! Here are some pictures from my visit there. I loved it and had a lot of fun.
CalicoLu's Michigan - Pictures of my home state, my family picture album, vintage cars, links to Michigan pages, and some interesting facts about Michigan. Find out if YOU might be a Michigander!
Remembering Dad - December, 1999
Remembering Mom - December, 2003
The Calico Stampin' Grounds - Rubber Stamping has been a hobby of mine for years now. Here you can find card samples,links, and more.
CalicoLu's Western Adventure - For over 20 years we talked about taking a trip out west to see what we can see and 2001 was the year we finally did it! Pictures from South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.
CalicoLu's Garden - Pictures of the ever-changing flowers I try to grow!
CalicoLu's Wildflowers - I have a passion for wildflowers and have presented here several photos I have taken of these beautiful gifts from nature.


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